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This is exactly the Facebook account management tool. It allows to put your Facebook account on autopilot, the only tool in the world that can perform multiple tasks to get more traffic and set your Facebook on Autopilot full 24/7/365.

  • 1 Facebook Account
  • 5 Groups
  • 5 Pages
  • 5 Friends
  • All auto plugins
  • Valid till 3 Days

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Features of Facebook auto Poster Tool

Auto Post: The best feature of the HirenSoft social media management solution helps your content to many people. After your Facebook account has joined the groups, become a friend with others, you can use this feature to approach your market. In particular, HirenSoft’s social media management solution will help you post any kind of link to secret / closed groups

Auto post to a wall of friends: Very very easy to post a type link on your friend’s calendar with one click for 5000 walls. This way maybe disturb your friends so we have tips that you should limit this way and sometimes you can use for the purpose of greeting in the first time

Automatic Re-Issue Pages: In this function, your task is to select only all fan pages that you like and configure all the content you want in your page. When all selected fan pages display a status, link, image, video, …. your managed fan page will update automatically

Auto join groups: You want to join groups that are in “Sales and Marketing”, you can enter keywords, and HirenSoft Social Media Management Solution can reach more than 300 groups per day. When you become a member of your market groups, you can do more with your customers. If you have more than 300 groups, you will have about 3 million + customers. You can share type links at any time to attract users who click on the type of link to growth traffic, lead and more sales

Adding Friends Automatically: In the past, you had to find Friend by Friend and access each profile upload request. You only need to find the person’s name, HirenSoft’s social media management solution will list and send the automatic request while you do everything else

Auto unfriends: how to defuse 4900 friends in your list in one click? Our tool can do it. You can choose all your friends or names you do not like, HirenSoft’s social media management solution will help you not be self with them and you can use the Auto Add Friend feature to find new friends, too

Automatic Group Invitation: You had a list of friends and you wanted to add them to your managed groups or others. The best facebook marketing tool will invite all your friends list to join groups automatically. With HirenSoft Social Media Management Solution, everything will be simple

Auto invite to like page: Like this feature named, you can also invite all friends lists as your pages automatically, you have more friends your page will be more appreciated. To use this feature effectively, you must use the Add Friend feature to add as many friends as possible.

Auto accept a friend’s request: We believe that HirenSoft’s social media management solution is a tool that has many features in ONE. Save your time, save your money. With just one click, you can accept all requests from friends are waiting. To save time, you can accept new friend requests as soon as possible

Automatic Comment: On social media, interactive activities are very important to becoming a friendly person and this is an opportunity to sell your products. If you want to comment on a happy icon for 1000 messages with the same content, what will you do? HirenSoft’s social media management solution will help you comment on the latest post in the profile, groups, pages, wall of a friend

Auto Like: Like Latest Post When your friends or customers know that you always care about them enjoying all their messages, HirenSoft’s social media management solution gives you the opportunity to enjoy the latest message in the last profile post, groups, pages, wall of a friend

Facebook Search Scraper: If you are a marketer, you have to look at data for your plans and want to know who your competitors are. HirenSoft’s search for social media management solutions will accurately display data from pages, groups, users, events and locations for you

Facebook Analytics: If you have to manage many fan pages, we know that you have to have exactly what your page has and your fan do? The analytics page of HirenSoft’s social media management solution can give you specific data and you’ll have the right decision for your business

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