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Offer a website experience that your visitors will love:

94% of consumers view website design as the reason they approve or reject a website. If your visitors do not trust you, they will not do business with you. We will develop a website that builds credibility and helps your business stand out by using the latest design technologies.

Make your website responsive:

More than half of all Internet activity is on mobile devices. Your website must be responsive and able to adapt to any device, regardless of size. We will make your website responsive to all devices, including mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Offer a great user experience:

Make it easy for users of the website to browse your website. If it’s too difficult for your users to get what they want, you’ll have high bounce rates and low conversions. We will make your website user friendly by organizing your site’s menu structure and adding CTAs to your website’s pages. This will allow your visitors to easily find what they are looking for.

HirenSoft Web Design Services: Our Process

# 1: Learn your business and design preferences

You will be working with a website designer on our Atlanta web design team to build your website. To understand the needs and preferences of your website, we will send you a questionnaire. On this questionnaire, you can specify which features you want to integrate on your site.

# 2: Configure website hosting and choose the platform of the site

We will need to access your hosting account to design your website. If you do not have one, we recommend using Bluehost or GoDaddy. Once you have provided us with access, we will start developing your website on WordPress.

# 3: Develop a draft of your website

In about 20-25 days, we should have a rough draft of your complete website. At the end, we will submit the draft to review. We will give you an opportunity to review the draft and develop a list of changes. Once received, we will make the changes and complete the design of your website.

# 4: Launch the live version of your website

Once you have approved the design of the website, we will launch the live version of it. We will move it from the temporary location and place the website on your main domain. Now you can enjoy the benefits of a new website and enjoy a better user experience!

# 5: Maintain the website

Some of our clients have the time and general knowledge to maintain their website. Some of them do not do it. We offer website maintenance plans to help you with routine updates and the security of your website. Whether you need us as needed or monthly, we will be there to help you.

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Frequently Asked Question

How will you build a website that I like & fits my brand?

We will evaluate your needs and preferences in a website questionnaire. This is where you will be able to describe the type of website you want. You will also be able to provide us with examples of websites that you like. We will use this information and our own creativity to create a website that you will like.

How long will it take?

It normally takes us 30-45 days to complete a website once we have everything we need to start the site.

What if I do not like the site?

Once the site is developed, we will send you a draft of the site. You will be able to compile a list of changes and we will do them for you. We will conduct two complete reviews of your website to ensure that you are satisfied with what we offer.

On which platform do you build the site?

We build all our sites on WordPress. This is one of the best platforms for building a website today. This is because it is packed with plugins and additional features that provide more customization than other platforms provide. It is also easy to maintain alone.

How long will my website be shut down?

If you have an existing website, we will not do it until the new website is complete. The new website will be developed on a temporary URL. We will not do it live on your domain until it is complete.

If you do not have an existing website, we can put a “coming soon” page on your website as we develop it. We will build the site on a temporary URL. We will not keep the site alive until the site is complete.

Do you all maintain the website?

Yes, we can maintain your website. You can use us “as needed” or use our “unlimited” maintenance plan. Our unlimited website maintenance plans include unlimited changes to your website, security, routine backups, and more. For more information about this, please contact us.

What do you need to develop the website?

We would need access to your hosting account, domain name, logo files, and any content that would like to have on your website. Once we have this, we will design your website to your expectations.

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is the technology that makes websites accessible via the Internet. Without website hosting, users will not be able to see your website.

What is domain name?

The domain is the unique URL destination of your website (ex:

What company do you recommend for hosting and domains?

We recommend using, Hostgator or GoDaddy . They shared hosting plans that cost between $ 60 and $ 70 a year. It can also include a free domain.

What if I do not have a logo? Do you design logos?

We do not design logos but offer an alternative solution to those who need it. If you do not have a logo, we recommend some third party who work on it.  They offer affordable logo designs. In addition, you will have the choice between several variants of logos. This will allow you to select the logo that best represents your brand.

Do you or I need to write the copy on my website?

It’s your choice to write the copy on your website. In most cases, our clients provide us with a copy or preview of what they would like. However, for an additional fee, we can write the copy for your website.

Do I need to provide you with images for the website?

If you have images, we can integrate them on your website. Otherwise, we can use high resolution images that reflect your brand.